Spinning Record


11 NOVEMBER 2019

"A bit of Neil Young a bit of James Taylor I love it! Great song. (I wish I could stay here listening it forever) :) A great Chorus, song well engineered and produced. Everything is in the right place. Ben have a lovely voice that sounds naturally friendly and calming."



Ben Ales is a UK-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and dreamer with the ultimate goal to uplift, empower and inspire his listeners by speaking the universal language of music.His lyrics and storytelling strive to remove barriers and create an unwavering sense of solidarity across all human beings.
Hailing from the beautiful Italian city of Verona, Ben fell in love with the art of music at a very young age. From the Romantic period pianists like Schumann, Schubert, and Debussy to the elegance of Chopin, the classics served as his personal muses.
Having a talented musician as a father further fueled his need to become a musician himself. By the time Ben Ales was 17, he established the band Emycrania. What started as a Nirvana cover band quickly turned into an original musical venture that lasted four years. In 2001, he composed a 14-song demo with his band members. Ben Ales’s second demo with The Little Shamans followed soon after and in 2010, he toured throughout Europe with Cadillac Gangster.
It was in 2012 when during a trip to Cuba, Ben Ales was inspired to pave his own path and start a solo project. He felt deeply influenced by a distinct troubadour style that was naturally shaping his life.
For half a decade, he honed his vocal and lyrical skill set, resulting in 30 original songs—13 of which he selected for his debut album, The Fool.
Released in September 2017, his debut showcases an intimate journey of self-discovery with esoteric undertones. After the release, Ben Ales has been traveling through Europe as a busker and performer visiting many 22 cities from last Madrid to Helsinki in 25 days.
‘Here Forever’, part of the original group of songs included in The Fool, was released on the 1st of November 2019 and it anticipated a re-mastered version of The Fool that was released on the 6th of December 2019.



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